Armow Wind Farm

2012 ► Armow Wind

In the fall of 2012, TULLOCH Engineering was awarded a contract to provide both legal surveys and GIS analysis for the proposed 108 turbine sites for the Armow Wind Farm development project near Kincardine, Ontario.

At the commencement of the project a control network was established on site and points were identified on the ground to be used to control the scale and orientation of aerial  photography.  The rectified photography then underwent analysis to capture surface features (i.e. dwellings, outbuildings, schools, churches, transmission lines, etc.) that would limit the development potential of the project.  The legal surveys were completed concurrently with the air  photo analysis to provide assurance to the location of the property boundaries with respect to each of the proposed turbines.   As part of the legal survey a title search was completed for each of the subject properties to determine the location of registered encumbrances such as utility easements, rights-of-way, etc.

The data captured by the airphoto analysis and the information collected by the legal surveys was then incorporated into a web-based GIS application.  The application provided a seamless portal for viewing and accessing the land information data.  The application allows multiple users to access the site and can immediately provide reports for land information related to each particular turbine site.

The GIS application was a benefit to the developer as it flagged the turbine sites that may not have met all of the required setbacks and provided assurance to the developer for the turbine locations that did meet all of the required setbacks. As the project moves further along in development the GIS application will be useful for the developer in providing land information to additional consultants and contractors.