Eastern Mainline Expansion Project


TULLOCH has played a major role in the development of a 36″ natural gas pipeline facility along TransCanada Pipelines existing Canadian Mainline Pipeline. This pipeline extends 367 km from Markham, Ontario to Iroquois, Ontario, paralleling the Highway 401 Corridor.

TULLOCH was part of a four firm survey consortium that is working for TCPL., with TULLOCH being the lead survey firm in Ontario. Field work included collecting topographic survey information for engineering design; bathymetric survey information; as well as legal boundary survey information for 1570 properties spanning the project site.

The legal survey component included boundary retracement for approximately 750 properties with approximately 1900 survey monuments being located. In addition, TULLOCH was responsible for establishing a geodetic control network throughout approximately 180 km of the proposed pipeline route.

A major title-search program was undertaken with the initial stages of field work. In all, 755 PINS, over 1100 plans and all related documents were uploaded to the project’s server.

Concurrently, the base map for the project was created through field investigations and plan information/compilation.

TULLOCH was also responsible for the design of the proposed pipeline right-of-way (utilizing specified design criteria) and preparation of individual ownership sketches. Field data processing, legal boundary calculations, adjustment of Teranet property fabric, computations for final monumentation, and preparation of the final legal survey plans were also undertaken by TULLOCH.

TULLOCH had an involvement of four survey crews, three full-time Ontario Land Surveyors, eight drafts people and three office support staff in this project.

This project demonstrates TULLOCH’s abilities to staff and manage a mega-infrastructure pipeline project. This gas pipeline is one of the largest construction projects in Canada and TULLOCH is playing a key role in the survey and design of this project.