Energy East Pipeline Project


The Energy East Pipeline project has three major components:

  1. Converting approximately 3000 km of TransCanada’s Canadian Mainline natural gas pipeline to an oil transportation pipeline (from Burstall, Saskatchewan to Iroquois, Ontario).
  2. Constructing new pipelines in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick to link up with the converted pipe.
  3. Constructing the associated facilities, pump stations and tank terminals required to move crude oil from Alberta to Quebec and New Brunswick, including marine facilities that enable access to other markets by ship.

In October 2014, TULLOCH was part of a two firm survey team that completed the surveys of 13 valve, drip and pumping sites in Northern Ontario.

TULLOCH provided drafting support for the preparation of pre-engineering topographic plans as well as preparation of access maps for 13 sites stretching from the Ontario/Manitoba border through to Kenora.

TULLOCH also took part in weekly update meetings with WSP Group (Focus surveys) as well as TransCanada Pipelines Limited to ensure a consistent product throughout the project.

This project had an extremely tight schedule, with field work required to be completed in a month and all plans completed by December 2014. The survey team met and exceeded the scheduling expectations and was praised for the quality of the plans and deliverables.