Niagara Region Wind Farm

2016 ► BORALEX

In 2015, TULLOCH Engineering was retained on very short notice by Boralex to provide legal retracement surveys and CDA (Construction Disturbance Area) sketches for the Niagara Wind Farm extending from Lake Erie to the Beamsville area, encompassing over 160 square kilometers. The basic components of the project includes 77 Enercon E-101 wind turbine generators each with a rated capacity of approximately 3.0 MW for a maximum installed nameplate capacity of 230 MW.

As the ongoing construction work proceeded, TULLOCH’s involvement increased to include CDA layout, transmission line pole layout, collector line layout, legal limits stakeout, tree trimming inventory sketches, and geotechnical services.

As part of the geotechnical services, TULLOCH provided a culvert/bridge existing condition report to document the condition of each structure within the construction area. TULLOCH also provided the field investigations comprised of drilling seventy-nine boreholes at the proposed wind turbine locations and forty-four boreholes for the proposed transmission line. Finally, TULLOCH provided monitoring procedures for and monitored the settlement while boring was completed under the CNR tracks near the interconnect station for the transmission line.

During the final stages of the wind farm completion, TULLOCH was contracted to complete over 85 reference plans to describe the leased areas for the turbines, access roads, collector lines, ground loops, meteorological towers, substations, aerial easements and interconnect station. This was completed in a short timeline with crews coming from near and far to ensure the field work was completed on time.

The project was commissioned on November 2, 2016.