TULLOCH Opens Office in Timmins

Timmins, ON – Thursday, June 29, 2017 – As part of our strategic plan that we prepared two and a half years ago, we wanted to open office locations in two  Northern Ontario cities that we did not have a presence in; Thunder Bay and Timmins.  A year and a half ago we were very fortunate to open up a Thunder Bay office, which is going extremely well.  A presence in Thunder Bay has allowed us to expand our Contract Administration group in the Northwest and start to build CA teams in the Northwest Region to tackle the increasing MTO workload in the North.  It has also allowed us to capture more survey work in this region, including our ongoing legal and engineering survey retainer work for MTO; our survey retainer for Thunder Bay Hydro; and increasing activity for Bell Mobility.  It has also presented some engineering design opportunities, including the preliminary design, detail design, and construction administration for a 2km municipal road in Ignace.  Additionally, a Thunder Bay presence has allowed us to secure a survey, inspection and QC contract for New Gold, which is a $1.5B construction project near Fort Frances, which has kept ten TULLOCH staff moving since last November, and will likely continue until August 2018.  Our start in Thunder Bay has been fantastic and it is a great example of how an office location can be a catalyst for increasing work.

We are now in a position to fulfill the second part of our geographic expansion plan and open up an office in Timmins.  Paul Quesnel, OLS, has agreed to come on board and lead this expansion project.  Paul is known to many of our surveyors, as he has been an active part of the North East Regional Surveyor’s Group for many years, and is extremely well known in the survey industry.  Paul will start with us on July 10th and will initially be focused on the Henvey Inlet Transmission Line, working in conjunction with Kevin Kujala, Darren Walker and Kevin King.  We anticipate opening up a Timmins office in August.  We are looking forward to working on this new office and trying to duplicate the results that we have seen in Thunder Bay.