Whether you are a biologist, technologist, engineer, specialist, surveyor, planner or business professional, TULLOCH offers an environment in which you can reach your full potential. Our current career opportunities are provided below. 
Current Opportunities

TULLOCH is an equal opportunity employer. We impart equal opportunities for employment to any qualified applicant without regard to any legally protected status.

Survey Technician

Thunder Bay | 2021STTBay

Digital Marketing Specialist

Home-Based - Toronto - Huntsville - Sudbury - Sault Ste. Marie | Marketing042021

Land Surveyor-in-Training (Articling Student) 

Huntsville | 2021GEO-LSIT

Intermediate Design / Drafting Technician

Hamilton | 2021AJC-DraftTech

Senior Designer

Hamilton | 2021AJC-SrDesigner

Survey Technician

Huntsville | 2021STHuntsville

Environmental Engineer

Sault Ste. Marie - Sudbury | EnvPEng-SSM/Sudbury-032021

Structural Technician/Technologist

Sault Ste. Marie | StructuralTech-SSM-032021

Structural Engineer

Sault Ste. Marie - Sudbury | StrucutralPEng-SSM/Sudbury-032021

Land Surveyor-in-Training (Articling Student)

Hamilton | 2021AJC-LSIT

Ontario Land Surveyor - Project Manager

Hamilton | 2021AJC-GEOPM

Intermediate/Senior Land Use Planner

Sudbury (other locations to be considered) | PlannerSudbury-2021

Senior Geomatics Professional

Toronto - Ottawa | 2021-GeodeticSurveyor

Summer Student (Engineering)

Multiple Locations | ENGSummer-2021

Survey Crew Chief (Technologist)

Toronto | CrewChief-GTA-022021

Civil Construction Technician

Sudbury - Sault Ste. Marie - Thunder Bay - Timmins | 2021-CivilConstructionTech

Mining Surveying Technician 


Summer Student (Mapping)

Ottawa | MappingSummer-2021

Summer Student (Geomatics)

Multiple Branch Offices | GEOSummer-2021