“We believe, and have repeatedly experienced, that if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business. If you genuinely let them know that they matter, they will respond in kind. Trust is the foundation of leadership; if you trust people, they will trust you back.”

– Bob Chapman, Everybody Matters.

Our “Why” Statement

To build an organization where everyone loves their job, and their leaders care for them.

Our founder Mike Tulloch left a legacy of being a caring company.

We endeavor to maintain a caring culture by allowing our “Why” statement to guide us in all that we do.

Simply put, our purpose is to be an organization where everyone loves their job. We endeavor to build a company that is based on a rewarding employee experience that involves caring leadership, mutual respect, challenging work, and new experiences.

Our “How” Statements

We fulfill our “Why” statement on a daily basis through the following actions:

  • We give freedom and responsibility to every team member
  • We go where others will not, or can not, because we love a challenge
  • We work hard, and won’t stop until the job is done
  • We are always keen to try something new

Our “What” Statement

We bring our “Why” and “How” statements to life through the provision of professional services: We are Surveyors, Engineers, Biologists and Planners, providing unique solutions to challenging problems in land and infrastructure development.