We specialize in spatial measurement, control and communication of data through mapping.

TULLOCH specializes in spatial measurement, control and communication of data through survey and mapping. The deliverables from surveying and mapping feed into all our value-added engineering services.

Surveying –┬áTULLOCH is the second largest survey firm in Eastern Canada and employs 18 Ontario Land Surveyors, 5 Canada Land Surveyors, and over 250 staff. TULLOCH leverages this bandwidth to successfully execute demanding projects and meet critical deadlines while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Mapping and LiDAR –┬áThe TULLOCH Mapping Solutions team works extensively with mobile LiDAR surveying technology and boasts detailed plan generation experience for rail, highways and municipal road engineering applications. Established in 1991, our team has more operational mobile LiDAR scanning experience than any other group in Canada. The core team brings over 50 years combined experience in mobile LiDAR alone, along with a resume of over 250 successful high-accuracy mobile LiDAR corridor projects across North America and abroad. Our mapping services include static scanning, mobile and airborne LiDAR, QA/QC mapping, base drawing production and asset management mapping.