Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Centre

2016 ► Nigig Power Corporation / Pattern Development

In 2014, TULLOCH Engineering was contracted by Nigig Power Corporation/Pattern Development to provide legal surveys, aerial LiDAR, civil engineering design, geotechnical engineering services, and environmental services for the wind farm and transmission line from the Henvey Inlet First Nations Reserve No. 2 lands to the interconnect station south of Parry Sound (92km away). The Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Centre project is proposed to generate 300 MW of power.

From 2014 to 2016, aerial LiDAR was flown to capture surface features and infrastructure for the design of the wind farm and transmission line. Four topo points per square meter were extracted for at total of over 469,500 points.

A preliminary geotechnical investigation was also conducted with 14 boreholes drilled at turbine locations throughout the project. TULLOCH was also contracted to conduct a geotechnical investigation for the 240 kv transmission line. A total of twenty-two boreholes were drilled at select locations along the proposed transmission corridor to carry out this task.

TULLOCH’s civil engineering division has been retained to complete the design and permitting for the two main entrances off of highway 69, as well as 86 entrances for the transmission line construction and DFO design/permitting for 21 water body crossings.  There are an additional 22 non DFO crossings being sized for culvert installations.

TULLOCH’s survey division has provided the legal surveys for the transmission line and roads to access this transmission line. This has entailed surveying private lands, Ministry of Transportation Ontario lands, Hydro One Networks Inc. lands, and First Nations lands. TULLOCH has produced over 140 reference plans and expropriation plans for this project to date, dedicating 5 Ontario Land Surveyor’s, 2 Canada Land Surveyor’s, 2 drafting supervisors, 1 field supervisor, 5 field crews, and 8 drafts people during this time.

While the TULLOCH field crews were performing their work, an environmental monitor from TULLOCH’s environmental division was with each crew every step of the way to ensure that the many species of threatened/endangered animals, reptiles, and plants were not disturbed. Some of these include the Massasauga Rattlesnake, Blanding’s Turtle, Butternut Tree, Monarch Butterfly and Bobolink.

TULLOCH’s environmental division has also been involved with the DFO crossings and tasked with creating an Environmental Management Plan, Waste Management Plan, and Traffic Management Plan.

The Henvey Inlet Wind Farm will be Ontario’s largest windfarm once commissioned, and TULLOCH is very proud to have had a significant role in the development of the windfarm and transmission line.