“Culture is not the most important thing… It’s the only thing.”  -COSTCO Co-Founder & retired CEO Jim Sinegal

Internal Leadership Training

We provide leadership training and coaching to all supervisors to provide the tools required to become better leaders and create a positive workplace environment. At TULLOCH, we are looking to become exemplary leaders in order to build an organization where everyone loves their job, and their leaders care for them.

Recruitment and Employee Satisfaction

We not only hire talented personnel with excellent skills,  we have one of the best track records for employee retention for mid to large sized engineering firms in Ontario. Of TULLOCH’s original 6 employees, we are proud to say that all are either still with us or have finished their careers at TULLOCH.

A Culture of Giving Back

We give back to our communities through donations, sponsorship and employee volunteerism. Local healthcare, church ministries, schools, arts and entertainment, as well as programs benefiting children are all recipients of our donation dollars.